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Why some messages of the hearing-impaired may sound unpleasant to normal people?


24th August 2022

Why some messages of the hearing-impaired may sound unpleasant to normal people?

By Zhang Long

A user of the video-sharing platform Bilibili recently posted an "unpleasant" message exchange with a hearing-impaired deliveryman because she thought he was too harsh and rude asking her to pay for the food and the delivery fee, despite the fact that she had already paid on the platform

The deliveryman used phrases like "give me money, 27 yuan (US$3.93)" and "Quick, why I didn't receive 27?" in the messages.

Screenshots of the message exchange. Many netizens agreed that the deliveryman sounded a little rude.

Many netizens agreed with the woman and believed that the tone was a little unpleasant to read, despite the fact that it was sent by a hearing-impaired deliveryman.

Until another user commented that he used to teach at a special school for the deaf and mute and that the word order for the special group was completely different from normal people.

Many adjectives and terms for emotions are difficult for them to express in natural sign language.

A user who once taught at a school for the hearing impaired claimed it would be difficult to arrange the words in order.

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