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China Vision supports independent, disability-related research, mainly conducted by disabled individuals in China.

“Untapped Talent” by Ni Zhen

Researching access to tertiary education for persons with disabilities in China.


Chinese abstract:



English abstract: 

"Uptapped Talent"

“Enabling Justice” by Jin Xi

China’s laws on disability rights in transition. 


"Enabling Justice"

“Inclusion Advocacy” by Ma Tao and Li Ning


≠Researching impediments and potentialities for inclusive education in a representative region of rural China. 


(To be uploaded soon)

"Inclusion Advocacy"

Disability rights in China, Stephen Hallett



Interview with Stephen Hallett: Thinking Strategically About Civil Society Assistance in China







Stephen Hallett, 'Chapter 11: Objects of pity or subjects of rights? Disability and human rights in the People’s Republic of China' in Sarah Biddulph and Joshua Rosenzweig (eds), Handbook on Human Rights in China (Elgar 2019)

Stephen Hallett

U-Lead East Asia Disability Rights Forum

China Vision acts as an advisory body to the University of Leeds Centre for Disability Studies in its current project U-Lead East Asia Disability Rights Forum

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