China Vision works with partners in China to promote community building and collaboration, in order to combat social exclusion and improve the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

One Plus One Group for Disability

Building a community of disabled self-advocates, to raise wider awareness of disability and promote disabled people’s rights

Since 2008 China Vision has partnered with the Beijing-based disabled persons’ organisation One Plus One, providing various kinds of support, skills exchange and capacity building to help it become a catalyst for change within China’s disability community. Over the years OPO’s team has proved to be highly innovative, using radio, podcasts, social media, research, facilitation and policy advocacy to voice the concerns and interests of blind and other people with disabilities. OPO has also monitored China’s observance of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) and has produced periodic reports entitled “Annual Observation Report on Disability” 中国残障观察报告 (see OPO is now made up of a network of organisations. Its radio and media work, run by blind and visually impaired persons, continues work under the name “Shengbo Disability Service Centre.


Rong Ai Rong Le (RARL)


Supporting community inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities


From 2013-2017 China Vision worked closely with a new organisation established in Beijing by parents of young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Rong Ai Rong Le has pioneered supported employment and has been an important catalyst for reform. The organisation continues to train job coaches, facilitate supported employment and lobby government for reform of China’s laws and practices.