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Thoughts from the front

Thoughts from the Front is a collection of posts by members and associates of China Vision, reflecting their experiences and thoughts about disability, China, and related topics.  


Stephen Hallett

Stephen Hallett is the Chairperson of China Vision. He has lived and worked in China since the early 1980s, studying, teaching, making documentaries and - since 1999 - working with people with disabilities. He thinks that his own visual impairment has given him a different perspective from that of most Westerners living in East Asia. 


Chris McMillan

Chris was diagnosed with Nystagmus soon after birth, schooled completely within the specialist education system.  Met her first Chinese students while at technical college in 1970 and has spent over 40 years as a volunteer for UK organisations supporting people with visual and other disabilities. Chris was a founder member of China Vision. 


Ellen Bassani

Ellen Bassani is a trustee of China Vision. She lives in the UK and has worked for many years as a disability equality trainer. She has facilitated DET workshops for visually impaired people in China. 

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