About China Vision

China Vision is a small UK-based charity set up in 1999. Its mission is:

“Supporting individuals and organisations working to empower and enhance the rights of people with disabilities in China. We form people-to-people links, sharing experiences to drive practical action aimed at improving the lives of people with visual and other disabilities. By sharing information and resources internationally we work to reduce discrimination and enhance social equality.” 

For over twenty years China Vision has been committed to supporting rights and educational opportunities for people with disabilities in China. Despite huge changes in the lives of all Chinese citizens, people with disabilities remain marginalised, segregated and often subject to discrimination. China Vision works with local partners to help visually impaired and other people with disabilities voice their concerns, build communities and raise public awareness of disability rights. We also support the development of inclusive education, working with partners to enhance professionalism and create effective models of inclusion. Committed to the principle of "Nothing About Us Without Us", and informed by an awareness that everyone is expert in their own condition, China Vision builds on our partners' intrinsic knowledge to help people with disabilities realise their full potential.