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China Vision works with schools, teachers, parents and educational reformers to promote equality and inclusion for all children with special needs in China.

Qisehua Inclusive Kindergarten

Pre-school Inclusive education for all







Ensuring that every child has equal access to education and can develop their full potential in a happy, inclusive environment is one of Chine Vision’s core principles. Since 2016 we have been working closely with Qisehua, a kindergarten in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, that has been pioneering preschool inclusion. Qisehua’s mission is to promote inclusive education and individualised development for every child. Founded in 1991, it is the first kindergarten in Henan to practice full inclusion at pre-school level. It is now recognised throughout the province and across China as a leader in its field, providing support and training to other kindergartens and working closely with government, teachers, families and NGOs to develop inclusive practices.


Since 2016 China Vision has been working closely with Qisehua to develop a Resource and Advocacy Centre (RAC), aimed at improving and replicating Qisehua best practice. China Vision supports organisational development and provides mentoring and coaching to Qisehua and the RAC team.

Qisehua Inclusive Kindergarten


Promoting inclusive education in Xiamen, Fujian Province

Ainuo is one of the first NGOs t0 focuses on disability rights and inclusive education in southeast China. The organization strives to build an inclusive society and promote basic human rights for persons with disabilities. From 2015-16 China Vision worked with Ainuo to identify the needs of children and parents in Xiamen and advocate equal access to schools for disabled children from marginalized migrant families in the city.


Inclusion Works


A publication in Chinese exploring different models of inclusive education around the world




(Chinese preface):

Respecting People Through Inclusion

(English preface):

During 2015-17 China vision worked with two associates, Ni Zhen and Lu Han, to research and write a book exploring several models of inclusive education from China, the UK, Canada, Malaysia, the United States and Taiwan. The purpose was to show how children with special needs can be included in mainstream classrooms and promote discussion about inclusive education in China. Inclusion Works (融合行) has been published and widely distributed in China.

Inclusion Works
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