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WeBank's Accessible App Makes Online Banking Easier for Visually Impaired Citizens in China

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19th October 2020

WeBank's Accessible App Makes Online Banking Easier for Visually Impaired Citizens in China

October, White Cane Safety Day, WeBank, the first privately-owned and digital-only bank in China, announced how it has utilized leading fintech to improve accessible services on WeBank App over the past year. The accessibility features on the App now ensure visually impaired Chinese citizens can easily access WeBank's online banking services. It is part of WeBank's effort to use technology as a force for social good.

According to data from the Second National Sample Survey of Disabled Persons, there are more than 17 million people with visual impairments in mainland China, accounting for around 21% of the total disabled population. However, less than 10% of Apps and websites in the market are accessible for the visually impaired.

WeBank App is integrated with advanced technologies in its accessible version.

Ting Hua, the developer of accessibility features of WeBank App, said: "WeBank has always highly valued social responsibility and keeps exploring the demands of users with visual impairment. We are not satisfied with only developing products that are 'usable,' but we aim to make them 'easily accessible,' by leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide the visually impaired with the same financial services as every WeBank customer. WeBank App is integrated with advanced technologies to provide personalized and humanized financial services for visually impaired users. These technologies include face anti-spoofing, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered speech synthesis, acceleration sensor, real-time image processing, vibration sensor and edge detection of human face."


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