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Visually impaired girl's road to entrepreneurship


 19th December 2023

Visually impaired girl's road to entrepreneurship

byYang Yang

A short video, “Yinqing’s World,” has garnered 15 million clicks and 200,000 thumbs-up. It is a record of a girl’s trip to her favorite pop star’s concert. She wore a navy-colored hanfu dress and waved fluorescent rods to the rhythmic music. But for a guide dog and its vest, few would have noticed the vision-challenged concertgoer.

Ma Yinqing, who belongs to the post-90s generation, launched a short video entrepreneurship at Wisdom Park in Huacao Town, Minhang District, to shed light on visually handicapped people’s lives.

Ma, who was born prematurely, became blind from an incubator oxygen overload and spent her life in darkness.

Still, she graduated with excellence from the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2018.

Instead of working as a massage therapist after college, Ma started an audiobook production company on Himalaya FM with other members, three-fourths of whom are disabled employees.

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