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Tibetan Blind Children's Photography Works

China Daily

Tibetan Blind Children's Photography Works

October 29, 2013 Editor: Liu Yunting

The Tibetan Children's Braille School sits in a traditional Tibetan yard on Jiangsu Road in Lhasa.

The school was founded by a blind German woman Sabriye Tenberken and her Dutch husband Paul Kronenberg in 1998. It developed from a rehabilitation and training center into a preparatory school for blind children.

Blind children in the Tibet did not have much access to education years ago. Most of them led a life on the margin of the society with few chances of integration. That's why Sabriye and Paul decided to stay in Lhasa to help those children. Their value lies not only in teaching blind children cultural knowledge and manual skills, but also in providing them with the belief that they can live a happy life, having their own ideal and fulfilling their dream through efforts.

There are six teachers and over 40 children in the school.

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