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Teacher's Devotion Helps Students Clear Hurdles to Learning

Women of China

1st September 2021

Teacher's Devotion Helps Students Clear Hurdles to Learning

A neighbor who was unable to hear or speak became the inspiration for a teenage Liu Lingli in Hengyang, Hunan Province, to study special education.

"The woman was very kind to the kids in the neighborhood.

But we did not know what her sign language meant," said Liu, who now teaches at a school designated for children with disabilities in Hengyang.

"She was illiterate and could not find a job. Even worse, her husband was not kind to her," Liu recalled, saying that the neighbor's situation led her to have compassion for people with disabilities.

Liu eventually enrolled in a college focusing on special education in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. She learned how to teach people who cannot hear, speak or see or who have learning disabilities.

After graduating in 1991, she was recruited by a special education school in Hengyang. The school's 300 students all have disabilities.

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