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Shanghai boosts sign-language services on TV news


4th February 2023

Shanghai boosts sign-language services on TV news

When Zhao Minghua turned on the evening news as usual, he was pleasantly surprised to see a window in the corner of the screen featuring a newsreader conveying the news in sign language.

Zhao is a Shanghai resident with a hearing impairment. "We are familiar with this sign-language interpreter, but we used to see the interpreters only on lunchtime TV news shows," he said.

"Although the window is small, it marks a big step forward in the city's service for its residents with hearing loss," wrote Zhao, sharing this small change with his hearing-impaired friends through WeChat, a popular social media platform.

Since Jan. 13, the Shanghai Media Group (SMG) has added sign-language interpretation to its two main live nighttime TV news programs to help the hearing-impaired get more of the latest news.

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