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SAR stresses measures to support disabled citizens, pledges continued improvement

Macao Business

21st August 2022

SAR stresses measures to support disabled citizens, pledges continued improvement

The representatives of the Macau SAR joining the Chinese delegation at the dialogue with experts from the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities held between August 17 and 19 highlighted the measures adopted in recent years to support disabled citizens and said the city will continue to improve laws and policies.

The consideration meeting addressed the combined 2nd and 3rd reports on China’s implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, including the contents of the Macau and Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions.

Liu Dexue, director of the Legal Affairs Bureau, underscored a number of moves by the SAR authorities such as the adoption of tax incentives for the employment of persons with disabilities in 2018, the priority given to disabled citizens in the new public housing law, the implementation of inclusive education and the formulation of individualised education plans and the 2016 10-year plan for rehabilitation services.

“The Macau SAR Government will continue to implement various measures to protect the rights of persons with disabilities, strive to implement the provisions of the Convention and create a harmonious society that is equal, inclusive and barrier-free”, a statement released by the Legal Affairs Bureau following the meeting indicates.


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