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Officials highlight disability prevention work

China Daily

23rd August 2023

Officials highlight disability prevention work


China is progressing its national program of preventing disability by popularizing disability-prevention knowledge and improving premarital and pre-pregnancy check-ups to better control disabilities caused by genetic inheritance, diseases and injuries.

In December 2021, the State Council released an action plan focusing on disability prevention work, with an improved administrative mechanism and more sound social services for disability prevention covering people's full life cycle by 2025. The action plan also targets better public awareness in preventing disabilities and improved rehabilitation services to the disabled people.

Hu Xiangyang, a senior official from the China Disabled Persons' Federation, said at a news conference in Beijing on Wednesday the federation has put great effort into publishing books and organizing activities focusing on disability prevention to help to raise awareness.

He said both central departments and local authorities have improved their consultancy and services on premarital and pre-pregnancy check-ups last year.

"We've also tightened management of chronic disease treatment and performed campaigns on visual and hearing impairment prevention or treatment," he said.

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