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New center to benefit elderly and disabled


22nd September 2020

New center to benefit elderly and disabled

A center which opened in Jing'an District on Tuesday features cutting-edge rehabilitative products and intelligent technologies that benefit elderly and disabled people.

The Shanghai Rehabilitative and Assistive Device Innovation and Experience Center at 207 Jiaozhou Road is displaying the latest advanced and innovative products.

An AI sign language recognition robot which can translate sign language and a TCM device which can tell people's health from their tongue are among the highlights. An exoskeleton robot, intelligent bionic hand and intelligent sleep device are also featured.

Rehabilitation aids improve, supplement or replace a human body's function, and provide complementary treatment as well as prevent disabilities.

Rehabilitative and assistive devices cover all aspects of life such as clothing, food, housing, transport and entertainment.

The development of rehabilitative and assistive devices is closely linked with people's livelihoods and and the exhibits cover six innovation areas — technology, materials, design, intelligent assistive devices, application scenarios and services," said Mei Zhe, deputy director of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, at the opening ceremony.

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