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Mother organizes free children's tuina classes


18th December 2020

Mother organizes free children's tuina classes

By Chen Huizhi

Li Jing, who saw her son benefit from tuina, a hands-on-body treatment in traditional Chinese medicine, decided to fund free classes for other parents.

Li, director of Shanghai Shunjie New Material Tech Co, saw a program of free tuina classes realized in Yangpu District on Friday.

Like many new mothers, Li worried about her son being ill, especially when mainstream medication didn’t work so well. He used to develop asthma days into having a cold, and for health reasons had to skip kindergarten.

Li was introduced to tuina by her son’s teacher, who said another parent, a Frenchwoman, had tried the treatment on her child and it worked well. It proved effective on Li’s son, too.

Tuina, a practice that is thousands of years old, is the stimulation of acupressure points on the body by brushing, kneading, rolling, pressing, rubbing and other movements. It is said to be therapeutic for various diseases. Children's tuina is a subcategory of the therapy, tailored to younger bodies.

“My son had asthma because his lungs were not strong enough to let him cough out the phlegm which then blocked his air tube,” Li said. “Tuina helped him get the phlegm out timely.”



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