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Hong Kong students with special educational needs start new chapter at City University

South China Morning Post

5th September 2023

Hong Kong students with special educational needs start new chapter at City University

  • Number of SEN pupils in local schools reached 58,890 in 2021-22, 11 per cent of student population; City U catered to more than 100 of these students last year

  • Raymond Lau, who has dystonic cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair, talks about his university experience and how he learned to be more independent

  • SEN (special education needs) applies to those who have learning difficulties due to hearing or visual impairment, physical or intellectual disability, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism, or speech and language impairment.

Think about it

How has Lau been able to experience a fulfilling university life? Explain with examples.

Raymond Lau fondly recalled his many new experiences at university: watching the World Cup with friends in the dormitory, indulging in snacks late at night, and cooking his first Chinese-style lime chicken, which was so good that his mother mistook it for takeaway.

But for this Hong Kong student with special education needs (SEN), the most rewarding of all was learning how to take care of himself.

“I wanted to have a breakthrough,” explained the 22-year-old, expressing his desire to fully experience university life, including living independently.

“My parents were worried whether I could manage on my own, such as doing laundry and making my bed. But I proved to them that I am capable of doing all these things,” he added.

Lau suffers from dystonic cerebral palsy, a lifelong condition characterised by involuntary muscle contractions and postures.

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