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Exposing teens to lives of the handicapped


28th September 2022

Exposing teens to lives of the handicapped

by Li Fei

Have you ever imaged learning how to make a cup of coffee from handicapped baristas? It's more than a special coffee experience, it's a new way to help handicapped people.

A project sponsored by the Shanghai Disabled Persons' Federation and Menggongfang Coffee Shop will have middle school students working at a cafe on Qihe Road in the Pudong New Area during the upcoming National Day holiday.

It's the third event for the project initiated by Wei Lai, a middle school student in Shanghai.

"I almost became deaf when I was a child, so I'm always concerned about the lives of disabled people," said Wei. "This project can help more teenagers get involved in the cafe and be part of the project caring for the handicapped."

There are already 50 middle school students who have signed up for the coming event, Wei added.

Menggongfang is a unique coffee shop where the employees are mentally challenged. The coffee shop not only offers them a job but a place to communicate with the outside world.

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