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Disabilities should not hinder one from pursuing a literature dream'

China Daily

6th September 2022

'Disabilities should not hinder one from pursuing a literature dream'

What can a person with disabilities do?

A total of 35 people with disabilities answered this question with a book. Composed of works from the 35 people, ranging from poem, proses, fiction to non-fiction stories, the book Collection of writers with disabilities 2021 was published in October 2021.

On Tuesday, at Shanyuan Bookstore in Beijing, the launching ceremony of a new session of a writer's training course was held, plus a promotion of the already published book.

Among the writers, Lin Xiaoyun, a female writer from Wenzhou city, East China's Zhejiang province, left a special impression with her other book Qigandi, literally meaning "at the bottom of the banner". Based on a true story, the book is composed of proses discussing her family's old house, trying to catch her every detail of an old house with a whole century's history.


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