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Decades-old ensemble sets their sights on excellence

China Daily

24th September 2022

Decades-old ensemble sets their sights on excellence

Besides acts depicting well-known Chinese legends and folktales, the troupe has created new shows based on government policies, and the country's tremendous changes and milestone moments, such as the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

Jin, who joined the troupe in 1989, has been a musician and guide for the other members.

She says the troupe has faced many difficulties over the past decades.

In 1995, the troupe set up the town's first class for visually impaired children and provided them accommodation. Its curriculum covers math, Chinese, Braille, music and quyi. Since the first eight students, more than 100 children have studied in the class.

Under the instructions of troupe members, the students prove that they can learn to play a musical instrument just as well and often even better than others without visual impairment, because they have a strong sense of rhythm and musical sensation and talent.

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