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Creating a level playing field in the world of work


27th August 2020

Creating a level playing field in the world of work

By Wan Lixin

To an average office worker like me, a delivery job conjures up images of all kinds of hardship, particularly in this summer of record heat.

But it is one of the few sectors that keeps hiring, and it is not ferociously competitive as far as recruitment is concerned, though its mind-robbing monotony can be prohibiting.

Not so for Xu Shengliang, 27, an auditorily challenged college graduate. Thanks to an organization founded by Gu Zhong, a TV news anchor, he now has his perfect job — as a deliveryman.

For those who survive the hardships of the first month, the job gives them not only economic security, but also an identity, pride and a sense of satisfaction — people like them are more often the object of sympathy and societal charity.

As Xu, using sign language, said: “This is a job where hard work pays off, and I like the level playing field.”

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