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China's Jiangsu to create 14,000 new jobs for disabled people in 2022

China Daily

17th May 2022

China's Jiangsu to create 14,000 new jobs for disabled people in 2022

East China's Jiangsu Province plans to create 14,000 new jobs for people with disabilities this year, according to the provincial disabled persons' federation.

The province will also provide vocational training programs for 20,000 persons with disabilities in 2022, the federation noted.

Jiangsu has set up 54 entrepreneurial incubators and 117 bases to support people with disabilities to start their own businesses, said Li Jia, an official with the federation.

The province has rolled out various measures including ensuring food supply and providing subsidies to help disabled people weather the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, Li noted.

Jiangsu will continue to pool resources and offer services such as skill training and legal counseling to assist people with disabilities to start businesses, Li said.

According to a three-year plan issued by China's central government, 1 million new jobs for persons with disabilities in urban and rural areas will be created between 2022 and 2024.



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