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Blindness no barrier for Chen's students


Blindness no barrier for Chen's students

By Qian Tong

27th October 2020

Chen Minghui, a blind man teaching other blind people to use smartphones with their hearing rather than sight, has helped more than 100 of his peers since 2017.

“Some of the learners, especially the older ones, have a poorer understanding of gestures, so we have to get more time to teach them with repetitions,” Chen said.

When studying at the Shanghai School for the Blind, Chen learned to use computers and mobile phones with screen-reading software. His speed on the keyboard often exceeded that of sighted people.

After employment at the Cao Jun Science and Innovation Workshop, Chen often visits local communities and rural areas to teach blind people.

Using suitable software, blind people can benefit from apps, ordering food, shopping online and hailing taxis.

Source: SHINE Editor: Chen Xingjie

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