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Blind teacher illuminates studies of rural students


21st March 2022

Blind teacher illuminates studies of rural students

Lu Wenjian typically starts his day with a set rhythm: He wakes up before sunrise and heads to the rural school where he works.

Clutching his cane, he walks along a familiar footpath next to wheat fields. His posture is stooped yet his pace is brisk.

Hours later, students begin to enter the classroom to read, and Lu is already there waiting for them. It's a habit that Lu, 50, has developed over his nearly three decades of teaching.

"Even though my history class isn't on the morning timetable, I also arrive early for it, as I love to hear students read passages aloud from books," said Lu, who is blind.

He is a history teacher at No. 3 Junior High School of Zhanji Town in Shangqiu City, central China's Henan Province.

Born to an impoverished farming family in a village in Zhanji, he became interested in history as a

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