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Blind candidates offered equal opportunity in gaokao

China Daily

10th June 2022

Blind candidates offered equal opportunity in gaokao

By Ma Chi

On Tuesday morning, Yang Wenju walked into the testing center in Xiji Middle School along with other students to take gaokao, the annual national college entrance examination. What distinguished Yang from other candidates was that he had the privilege of sitting the test in a room exclusively for him.

Yang, 21, is a blind student from Xiji county in Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region. Having lost his eyesight at the age of 10, Yang never gave up his pursuit for knowledge.

Yang's goal is to enter a medical university and become a physician specializing in massage and acupuncture after graduation.

This year, eight blind students signed up for the gaokao across China.

The test for blind students is the same as sighted candidates except that the papers are printed in Braille. Compared with sighted students, blind students have 50 percent more time to finish the test as it is more time-consuming for them to read Braille.

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