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Bear-claw' cafe in Shanghai provides jobs for disabled


4th December 2020

Bear-claw' cafe in Shanghai provides jobs for disabled

A cup of coffee, a furry bear claw and an uneven hole on a gray wall. This is the view from the outside of a special coffee shop in Shanghai, which has garnered wide attention on social media recently. And the story behind the shop has melted the hearts of customers and Chinese netizens.

Hinichijou, a coffee shop located on Yongkang Road in Shanghai, is actually a public welfare program which aims to provide jobs for people with disabilities, according to its founder.

The store manager is a hearing-impaired barista who has won several prizes at coffee-making competitions and the person handing out coffee with a bear claw suffered facial burns. Both of them were graduated from the training school of Shanghai Disabled Persons' Federation.

Customers can scan the QR code hanging on the wall and place their order. Then the coffee will be handed out from the hole on the wall by a furry bear claw. Customers can also interact with the claw during the waiting time. Sometimes the claw will send roses and even pat a customer's head.



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