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A loss of hearing is no impediment to community service


28th May 2022

A loss of hearing is no impediment to community service

by Li Qian

Hu Zhenzhou's commitment to community service has made him a household name in his neighborhood.

His true identity, however, remains unknown as he appears as a faceless dabai who is always dressed head to toe in a protective suit in front of neighbors. As a result, he is just a nice young man who lives in the No.8 apartment building in their eyes. Nonetheless, he is content.

Volunteering allows the 31-year-old with a hearing impairment to be widely understood, accepted and treated equally.

"Nobody knows about my hearing loss, and no one cares. At the moment, I'm just a volunteer helping others, and I'm proud of it," he said.

During Shanghai's lockdown, there has been an increase in volunteerism in the community. Hu also stepped out of a sense of obligation. But it was not easy.

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