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A glimpse into summer camp for vulnerable children


23rd August 2022

Feature: A glimpse into summer camp for vulnerable children

In everyday life, 11-year-old Binbin (not his real name) communicates with his hearing-impaired parents using sign language. While in a summer camp in the suburb of Beijing, he shares the tongue with more than 40 of his peers.

"Difficulties in life are hard to avoid, but I am glad to have your company," says the lyric, each word shown by Binbin's hand gestures. Singing the song, other kids imitated Binbin's moves at a drama performance activity.

The summer camp aims to provide a scenario to help vulnerable children foster self-esteem and confidence, and contribute to their social adaptability when they grow up, according to Yao Juan, a social worker with Chunhui Children, the foundation that organized the event.

"I was a little embarrassed at first, but later I feel honored," Binbin said, adding that he was particularly delighted when other kids handed him stickers that could be exchanged for prizes.

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