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Xi Focus-Closeup: An exceptional student


15th May 2022

Xi Focus-Closeup: An exceptional student

Lost both arms in an accident at the age of nine; failed twice in the national college entrance exam and the result of the third try was still up in the air -- Huang Daoliang recalled the time in his younger age as the darkest period in life.

Now 52, Huang is able to look back with satisfaction at what followed: a place at college and a career that has made good use of his skills and enthusiasm. He says he owes a great debt of thanks to the college principal who decided to enroll him at the time.

The principal who gave him "a new lease of life" was Xi Jinping.

Born in 1970 in the county of Minqing, east China's Fujian Province, Huang had both of his arms amputated after he accidentally touched a high-voltage wire. He stayed in hospital for over half a year, and after returning home, he felt everything had changed.

"All the joy had disappeared along with my arms," he recalled.

Huang went on to senior middle school, and officials at a local welfare institution offered him a job after graduation.

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