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  • Chris McMillan

With 'eyes,' visually impaired athletes sprint toward light of dreams

10th September 2023

With 'eyes,' visually impaired athletes sprint toward light of dreams

Standing on the track, Wang Yan helped Li Haimei, who was wearing a blindfold, stand in the starting block and gave her a pat on the shoulder, signaling that the run would start soon. On hearing the gun, they quickly dashed forward, speed and rhythm perfectly in sync.

Li, 33, is a para track-and-field athlete who competes in the T11 category at the ongoing Paralympic Games in northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, which kicked off on Friday.

The category is for runners with complete visual impairment and requires a sighted guide to run alongside them.

As they sprint ahead, a ten-centimeter rubber band connects Li's left wrist to her guide, Wang Yan's right.

Throughout the 100-meter race, Wang runs closely beside her, mirroring her every move while making sure she stays on the right track.

Within just 17 seconds, the duo crossed the finish line and won the gold medal.


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