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Visually impaired twins reach podium together


27th October 2021

Visually impaired twins reach podium together

By Sportswriters Wang Ze, Yao Youming and Zhao Yingbo

After the 1,500m T11 event of the 11th China National Games for Persons with Disabilities on Monday, two young men with identical faces were on the podium together.

Lu Wenkai won the gold medal by 4:23.51, while his younger brother Lu Wenxuan took second place by clocking 4:24.26.

Despite being born visually impaired, the twin runners from China's east have their sights set firmly on the finish line. They have paid a lot to get where they are today.

"My brother and I participate in the middle and long-distance event. We have been training for nearly 10 years," said Lu Wenkai.

To stay in form, the duo need to train every day. In summer, they wake up at 5:00 a.m. to start the daily training, and in the afternoon, they work on weight training, such as abdominal and back muscle exercises.

Their athletic careers began by chance. "We had a teacher at our school for the blind, who happened to be a track-and-field coach and he thought we had talent," said Lu Wenkai.

Their results prove the teacher was right.

"Long-distance racing has helped me a lot, especially with self-confidence," said Lu Wenxuan, the younger brother, who broke China's national record to win a gold in the men's 10,000m T11 event last Saturday.

"When I finished my first marathon, I was so excited. It was then that I knew I could compete with others, compared to ordinary people, I am even better," He added.



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