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  • Chris McMillan

Visually Impaired Chinese Enlightened at Braille

CRI English

12th May 2012

Visually Impaired Chinese Enlightened at Braille

About 15 students are learning computer skills through a class at the ‘China Braille Library’, but they use earphones, not their eyes, to "see" the computer screens.

The Sunshine Screen Reader, which was developed by the China Braille Library, enables the visually impaired to use computers by vocalizing information presented on the computer screens, and users can maneuver the machine using just a keyboard.

With his head lowered and his fingers striking the keyboard, Chen Feng, 54, tries to pinpoint the keys as per the teacher's instructions. He says he is taking the class in hopes of surfing the Internet himself, as "the Internet is a bridge to see the outside world."

The library is not only creating opportunities for the visually impaired to see the outside world through computer training, but also brightening their worlds through various cultural activities.


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