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Visually challenged master's degree candidate graduates

China Daily

28th July 2023

Visually challenged master's degree candidate graduates

Dong Lina, the first visually impaired person in China to get a master's degree in radio and television broadcasting and who recently delivered a speech as the representative of the 2023 graduating class at the Communication University of China, has inspired countless netizens with her story.

"May we have dreams no matter where we are, and insist on doing what we love, and always remain down-to-earth and calm," the 39-year-old said in her speech at the Beijing-based university on June 28.

Born into a farming family in Dalian, Liaoning province, Dong was diagnosed with congenital amblyopia and lost her sight at the age of 10 but she never stopped pursuing her education, even during the three years she worked as a masseuse after graduating from secondary school.

Dong became a full-time master's candidate in 2020.

"This is an open and inclusive campus, with an integrated educational environment for special education students like me," said Dong, who credited her success to the supportive environment.

From the moment she enrolled and throughout her studies, the university held Dong to the same standards as the other students, but also provided support in the form of Braille test papers and electronic documents.


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