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Tibet In Blind People’s Eyes

World Blind Union

Newsletter May 2013

Tibet In Blind People’s Eyes

17th December 2012

From 3rd to 7th Dec, photos taken by blind people were exhibited in “Art 8″, a quadrangle block in Beijing. These photos were taken by visually impaired Tibetans and 2 visually impaired “nonvisual photography” trainers from ‘One Plus One (Beijing) Disabled Persons’ Cultural Development Centre’’. Many people including ‘Non-governmental Organisations’ staff, journalists, students, artists came to the exhibition, paying it great interest and respect.

From 12th to 20th Dec, with the support from ‘French Embassy’, ‘Handicap International’ and ‘Tibetan Blind Association’, trainers from ‘One Plus One (Beijing) Disabled Persons’ Cultural Development Centre’ went to Tibet and gave nonvisual photography trainings to 9 visually impaired Tibetans. During the training, the trainees got to know camera and skills to take photos without eye sight, what we called “nonvisual photography”. After the training, every one had taken a lot of photos, which they were dreaming to take. With the help of their volunteers, they selected several pictures for the exhibition.

Ciren Zhaxi is one of the trainees, one of his photos was taken by him using hearing, it was named “pigeons on Potala square”.

Deqing Yuzhen loves to touch, when she touched a beautiful flower, she quickly took a photo.

Kyila uses photography to tell visitors that although she couldn’t see, she can take photos.

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