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Social media shows netizens a different side of life

Global China Daily

31st October 2023

Social media shows netizens a different side of life

On short-video platforms, such as Douyin and Kuaishou, there are a number of foreign bloggers who have married Chinese nationals.

By sharing their daily lives in cross-cultural marriages, they provide people around the world with a glimpse of China from their own unique perspective.

Felice, a young woman from Tanzania who has more than 3 million followers on Douyin, is praised by Chinese netizens as the "most filial daughter-in-law on the internet".

Her husband, Du Bin, is a farmer in the south of Shaanxi province. They met when he went to work in Tanzania several years ago.

Later, Felice came to Shaanxi, in Northwest China, with Du. Despite the cultural and climatic differences between the two countries, and the different cuisines, Felice quickly integrated into local life and made friends with her neighbors.

Her life used to be difficult because she lives in the deep mountains with her husband. However, things changed after she started sharing her life via social media in August last year.

Her father-in-law is deaf and mute. In order to communicate with him, Felice learned both Mandarin and sign language, which has touched the senior deeply. He always treats Felice as if she were his own daughter.

Felice always insists on undertaking the most arduous tasks and preparing meals for the family.

Using sign language, her father-in-law said, "I never dreamed that in my later years I would have such a good daughter-in-law from overseas who is so filial to me."

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