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Shingles vaccine for the elderly efficacious: research


25th August 2023

Shingles vaccine for the elderly efficacious: research

By Cai Wenjun

A recent research covering about 6,000 Chinese people aged 50 and older has proved the protection effects of the shingles vaccine on Chinese elderly, the target of the immunization.

In double-blind research conducted between 2021 and 2023, half the group received vaccination while the remainder were given a placebo.

None of those who were vaccinated developed shingles, while 31 people in the remaining half who got the placebo contracted the infectious disease.

Doctors said the research gives health-care providers and the public strong proof and reassurance about the benefits of vaccination for preventing and controlling shingles, which can seriously affect people's health and quality of life due to the severe pain it causes.

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