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Ropes tie couple together for over 30 years

China Daily

15th September 2023

Ropes tie couple together for over 30 years

A touching story of a wife using a rope meant to tie hair as a way to lead her husband while running for over 30 years has been circulating online and garnered significant attention.

"She runs for me. My wife is really good," said Lou Dexin, a 72-year-old blind man from Jinhua, East China's Zhejiang province. His wife Lou Shunguang is 68 years old.

Lou Dexin was not born blind. In his childhood, he injured one eye in an accident and the other eye had only weak vision, but he has always maintained an optimistic and cheerful attitude towards life.

At the age of 43, he had retinal detachment due to the overuse of his eyes and needed surgery. Before the surgery, he had to rest in bed and avoid strenuous exercise because his eyes were filled with silicone oil.

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