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Profile: Hearing-impaired lawyer and her silent law lectures


3rd December 2022

Profile: Hearing-impaired lawyer and her silent law lectures

Dressed in a neat suit and a high ponytail, Tan Ting, a 30-year-old lawyer, is livestreaming in a studio in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, with utter confidence and professionalism

The only unusual thing in this entire arrangement is that there is no sound for this live broadcast.

Tan believes that the popularization of legal knowledge for the hearing-impaired is the mission of her life.

In addition to delivering lectures on short-video sharing platforms, Tan is also readily available to offer any relevant assistance, entirely free of charge, to the hearing impaired through other messaging apps.

Sometimes, she needs to answer more than 10 video calls in a day to help hearing-impaired people solve legal problems ranging from household quarrels to financial disputes.

Since the communication is based on sign language, it can often take Tan 30 or 40 minutes to figure things out. Yet she has never once grumbled about her voluntary work.

"I'm a hearing-impaired person myself, so I know very well about their feelings. Even for healthy people, it's challenging to deal with legal matters.


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