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Phone booths renovated to be friendly for seniors


30th June 2023

Phone booths renovated to be friendly for seniors

By Miao Zhenyang

Phone booths renovated as senior-friendly facilities have been in a trial stage in Minhang District's Xinzhuang and Qibao towns and Jiangchuan Road Subdistrict, where senior residents account for a large proportion of the population.

The district is expected to finish renovating 20 such "Hello Telephone Booths" within the first half of this year.

The upgraded phone booths have maintained their original red exteriors and been renamed as "Hello Telephone Booths."

They not only offer phone calls for residents for free, but also have a new elderly assistance information screen, with additional functions such as booking taxis, a sign language customer service, checking elderly care policies and charging mobile phones.

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