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People’s Daily Online

People’s Daily Online

10th June 2023

Chinese student carries mobility-impaired classmate to school for 10 years, wants to continue during college

"I hope we'll be admitted to the same college. And I'm willing to continue being his 'feet'," said Zhu Jinxiang, a Chinese student who has carried his classmate and close friend, Zhong Huaqiang, on his back to school for 10 years.

The two teenagers are sitting the gaokao, China's annual college entrance exam, which kicks off on June 7 and lasts for two days.

Zhong was born into a poor family in Ganzhou city, east China's Jiangxi Province, with cerebral palsy, which later caused spinal curvature and made it impossible for the boy to walk upright.

Fortunately, help from Zhu and other warm-hearted students, has brightened up Zhong's daunting journey to knowledge.

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