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New doors open for the visually impaired

China Daily

16th August 2022

New doors open for the visually impaired

Hard work

Wo and her colleagues are working for the rights of the visually impaired.

"Equal access to knowledge is a prerequisite for those with disabilities to pursue their dreams in the same way as others, and that's what we do. We build a bridge to give them hope," she said.

Lin Yan, a junior school teacher from Anhui province, stressed the importance of passing on knowledge. "Education is important for people with or without good vision. However, for people with visual disabilities, the path toward knowledge is full of ugly weeds, and we have to work much harder than others to acquire the same knowledge," she said.

"I was a teacher and I was glad to pass on knowledge to my pupils. Now that I am in darkness, I have a stronger sense of the desire for knowledge, which is why I cherish every effort in passing it on to the visually impaired."

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