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National Disabled Day focuses on children with autism

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National Disabled Day focuses on children with autism

May 18, 2015

BEIJING: This year’s “National Day for the Disabled” in China is focusing on autistic children. Five-year-old Rongrong is receiving rehabilitation therapy at a treatment center in Beijing.

She is one of some 2-million children in China under the age of 14 that have been diagnosed with autism.

The China Disabled Persons Federation estimates over 600-thousand pre-school children in China are autistic, and says that figure is increasing.

Only one-in-ten of these children are receiving any sort of treatment. There is currently no cure for autism.

As such, the best the medical community can do right now is try to help children with autism better adjust to their symptoms.

Doctor Wu Weihong with Beijing Boai Hospital says they have a number of therapies which have been effective.

“For example, the kids are taught to communicate, using language to express their needs. They learn the skills they need to interact with their families, friends and average people. At the same time, we’re helping them eliminate the behavior which is commonly associated with autism.”

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