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Music to the eyes that see not

China Daily

2nd May 2023

Music to the eyes that see not

This language of humanity can help give warmth to the visually impaired and help shape their characters.

The clock struck 10. Teacher Luo Lili called upon her students to return, and like in any other class they returned to their seats, one by one, or in batches of two or three, soon forming a ring behind Luo who sat in front of a piano. After counting the heads to ensure they had all returned, Luo ran her fingers on the piano keys, pausing now and then to explain to the kids about rhythm and the tunes she was playing.

They nodded from time to time.

Fulfilling for the teachers

Every weekend, the China Braille Library organizes a music training class for children who are visually impaired.

"Children with visual impairment go to regular schools like everyone else, but after-class activities are rarely tailor-made for them," Luo said.

"That's why we hold this extracurricular activity for them here."

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