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More services for deaf people at Shanghai East Hospital


19th September 2022

More services for deaf people at Shanghai East Hospital

By Cai Wenjun

Shanghai East Hospital now offers both online and offline services to better help deaf people receive medical treatment after providing tailored support in the past 10 years.

So far, social workers and volunteers have aided almost 11,000 outpatient services for deaf people at the hospital, which launched a special green channel for disabled people, officials said on Wednesday, ahead of International Day of the Deaf on Sunday.

The hospital organized a special charity consultation for deaf patients on Wednesday.

Every Friday afternoon, all outpatient regions will display a green sign with "deaf people-supporting day," equipped with sign language interpreters and volunteers to guide and deaf patients, who are given a green smile sticker while registering.

In order to help more deaf patients and those who are unable to visit the hospital on Friday afternoons, the hospital introduced an online service with a sign language interpreter working remotely to translate for deaf patients and doctors if receiving such patients.

Officials from the Shanghai Health Commission said the hospital is a good role model for helping deaf patients, and more local hospitals have offered similar services to help disabled people in need.

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