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LED-lit prosthetic leg to improve disabled visibility


5th July 2022

LED-lit prosthetic leg to improve disabled visibility

A Chinese man who lost a leg two years ago has transformed his prosthetic leg into a hi-tech LED-decorated limb to encourage other disabled people to live a fulfilling life.

China’s state media nicknamed Liang Kaiyu, 30, “Iron Leg Man” because of the self-modified prosthetic leg that features a self-charging interface, shock absorbers and LED lights.

Formerly a designer of industry equipment , Liang also made his own prosthetic leg, although he considers it a baseline from which to improve.

“It’s 2022, and I can finally wear an artificial leg that I made myself. Although it looks a bit ugly, it is unique and meaningful to me,” he said on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, where he received over 430,000 likes.

Liang said he is using his modified artificial leg to help inspire other people with prosthetics to wear them openly.

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