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Increasingly, disabled finding ways to earn a living

Presenting Anhui

24th July 2023

Increasingly, disabled finding ways to earn a living

Dressed in a white uniform, 35-year-old chef Li Yuanyuan skillfully maneuvered a pan with one hand while deftly stirring ingredients using a spatula in the other.

Despite occasional moments of clumsiness, he confidently livestreamed his culinary skills on social media.

Hailing from Bijie city, Guizhou province, Li was born with cerebral palsy.

However, he refused to let his condition hinder his aspirations. Through perseverance and dedication, he honed his cooking skills and eventually opened a successful restaurant specializing in delectable fried chicken.

As a child, Li faced challenges when it came to feeding himself and relied on his parents for assistance, but he remained undeterred.

He was always encouraged to engage in physical activities and explore a variety of interests.

"I remember breaking five tricycles while learning to ride and smashing many plates and bowls when I was trying to learn how to wash the dishes," he recalled fondly.

While growing up, he developed a genuine passion for cooking.

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