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How-to China: AI anchor to help the deaf community enjoy the Games more

China Daily

26th January 2022

How-to China: AI anchor to help the deaf community enjoy the Games more

Q: The country's first AI sign language anchor will serve the targeted audience during the Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics. The world's biggest corpus behind the AI TV anchor was created by your team. Could you explain to us the leading technologies of the database? During your research in the past six years, were there any difficulties you faced? Were there any shining moments you could share with us?

Yuan: Let me first explain two basic technologies – the "sign language recognition" and "sign language generation" – the key points I use to explain to outsiders the technological arena.

The "sign language generation" refers to the technology that helps generate the sign language for the audience.

However, our technology is in the area of the sign language recognition – recognizing the sign language with the particular word order from the people with the hearing difficulties and then transforming them into the word order.

Here I have to stress their word order is different from us. For example, they place the predicate at the end of the sentence, while we put them in the middle of the sentence, just between the subject and the object in modern Chinese.


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