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How the digital economy is creating jobs for those with disabilities

China Pulse

3rd December 2020

How the digital economy is creating jobs for those with disabilities - CGTN

Fifteen years ago, a liquid gas tank explosion turned Guo Hui's world upside down. At the age of 18, he suffered 98 percent burns to his body, lost his right hand and sensation in three fingers on his other hand. He still dreams about that accident from time to time, only waking up to aching, festered feet.

"I wish that I could die as soon as possible," he recalled after checking out of hospital where he was given countless notices of critical condition. For two years, he couldn't walk and laid in bed day and night. When looking in the mirror, he would smash it. The young man didn't calm down until his mother, who ran into debt to pay for his medical treatment, asked him "What can you live on now that I'm getting old?" He spent several months learning to stand on his feet again.

Born and raised up in a village in central China's Henan, Guo grew up in a moderately well-off family. A Grade-A student, he could have been admitted to a university through the national college entrance examination, but the accident ruined all possibility of returning to school. Back to square one, he tried to find a job.

"First I went to learn how to repair smartphones, but it was too difficult for me since fixing such gadgets needs nimble fingers." Then his parents bought him an electric tricycle so that he could sell small commodities he bought from a supermarket to a local ceramic factory.

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