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How An Accessible Photography Class Ended Up ‘Raising The Bar’ For Blind People And Their Teacher


5th April 2022

How An Accessible Photography Class Ended Up ‘Raising The Bar’ For Blind People And Their Teacher

By Steven Aquino

Although Dr. Elena Espinal has a background in science, having received a doctorate in Dentistry and a Master’s degree in Pathology from Buenos Aires University, her work nowadays blends science and the humanities. Dr. Espinal is an accredited coach through the International Coaching Federation, or ICF. She became accredited in 1990 and was licensed in Psychology five years later. Over the past three decades, Dr. Espinal has dedicated her life’s work to helping companies spanning various industries improve their leadership skills and, by extension, their business output. A win for the client is a win for the business.

Life coaching is a fast-growing profession, particularly over the last several years; since 2015, there has been a 36% increase in coach practitioners. To date, there are over 77,000 coach practitioners worldwide. In 2020, the ICF released results of a study which summarized the coaching profession’s standing as an industry.

Despite her extensive scientific acumen, Dr. Espinal craved deeper understanding.

“Despite my background and 15 years in the field, I realized that I had not looked at the other aspects of human beings, beyond what could be understood scientifically,” she told me in an interview via email. “I had completely neglected the human emotions and the purpose that each person chooses for their life. Once I realized this gap in my understanding of humankind, I began to dedicate my time to being trained as a coach through a program accredited by ICF.”

Dr. Espinal’s passion project today is Coaching Con Vision. What originally began as a game has transformed into an accessible avenue by which Blind people can become life coaches.

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