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  • Chris McMillan

Hangzhou hairdresser is a deft cut above the rest

China Daily

26th May 2023

Hangzhou hairdresser is a deft cut above the rest

Within the unassuming confines of what appears to be an ordinary salon, a note affixed to a mirror can easily capture one's attention.

"Hello! I cannot hear. May I kindly request you to indicate your desired hairstyle by either using this pen or presenting a picture? Thank you," reads the note. Upon entering the room, most customers instinctively gravitate toward a vacant seat, forgoing verbal exchanges with the proprietor.

Wang Xiaozhen, the owner of the salon in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, possesses exceptional talent despite being born with a hearing impairment. Her remarkable skills have been indisputably validated by the prestigious gold medal she won during a hairdressing competition held in France earlier this year.

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