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‘Graduation Day’ for Guide Dogs Highlights Their Rarity in China

Sixth Tone

22nd October 2022

Graduation Dayfor Guide Dogs Highlights Their Rarity in China

Hobbled by training and financial hurdles, the number of trained canines has long fallen short of meeting the tremendous demand in the country.

By Ye Zhanhang

For Faith, FayFay, and Iris, the end of the weeklong National Day holiday marks a fresh start to their career — as guide dogs.

The three Labrador retrievers were fresh graduates from the Guangzhou Guide Dog School that trains canines in assisting visually impaired people. On Friday, the non-profit even organized a “graduation ceremony” for the dogs at a luxury hotel to raise awareness about the bond between people with disabilities and their furry companions.

“With the assistance of guide dogs, people with visual disabilities deserve a life with more confidence, independence, and dignity,” Li Yuanzhen, principal of the training school, told Sixth Tone.

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